The APICTA Award judging is comprehensive process whereby all nominations are assessed by a team of independent judges.


Each category is judged on 5 criteria:

  • Uniqueness
  • Market Potential
  • Functionality / Features
  • Quality / Application of Technology
  • Application

Each of these criteria has separate guidelines for each category, so for detailed notes on the criteria and its attributes for each category, visit the category pages.


Each nominee is rigorously assessed by a team of judges of the highest caliber. They are drawn from government, academia and the industry from each of the APICTA member economies.

Judging panels usually comprise 3-4 judges. Membership of a category panel is determined based on judges’ preferences. All judges sign confidentiality agreements and also must declare a conflict of interest should one arise.

The Judging Process

Please note APICTA Awards 2020/2021 will have 2 stages of Online Judging Process, details will be announced in late July.

Presentation Time

Each entry nominee will have maximum 25 minutes time slot presentation to the Judge Panel with the following estimate time guideline:

  • 3 minutes for equipment set-up
  • 10 minutes for presentation and demo
  • 10 minutes for questions and answers
  • 2 minutes to disassemble the presentation equipment


English is the Mandatory Language to be used for both Judges and Nominees during the judging process.